Visit the Atacama desert, Valaparaiso and Santiago

Discover the Mapuche community and the Moon Valley about 7 days

The key moments

This one-week trip offers you the opportunity to discover the disruption of Atacama, Valparaiso and Santiago.

This trip to Chile will allow you a total immersion in the Chilean way of life!

  • Private driver and English speaking guide
  • Visit of the city of Santiago
  • Discover the Mapuche community living in La Pintada
  • Valley of the Moon and its mountains of salt in the Atacama desert
  • The Matriz Valparaiso, UNESCO World Heritage

Detailed itinerary

Day 1 – Vegas Hotel

Overnight at the Vegas Hotel, or in an establishment of equal category depending on availability.

Included: room and breakfast


Day 2 – The Matriz Valparaiso – Visit of Valparaiso

Today, early in the morning, you will take public transport to the bus station, then a bus to Valparaiso (2 hours), the second largest city in Chile.

Valparaiso, a UNESCO World Heritage Site – a city on the edge of a cliff. Our local guide will be waiting for you to visit the oldest part of the city with a local poet. Interesting characters and a magnificent view of the colorful hills await you.

You will begin the journey in the founding sector of Valparaiso, visiting the oldest temple of the city, the church of La Matriz. We will then move on to the « Social Dining Room 421« , where we will learn about the social work done by neighbors and volunteers in support of homeless brothers.

Then we will climb the stairs of the hill of Santo Domingo, which preserves innumerable secrets of architecture and heritage and which is the first inhabited of the city. You will arrive at « La Chinita », who will welcome you to her home for lunch and discuss pleasant life in the neighborhood of Buenos Aires.

We will go to downtown Valparaiso through the heritage area of ​​the hill. In the company of the local guide, we will continue our walk by enjoying the street art that highlights Valparaiso as a bohemian city and cultural center of the country. Subsequently, a visit to the museum of the house of Pablo Neruda, La Sebastiana, is organized (depends on the day).

Included: transport, English speaking guide, local guide, lunch, room and breakfast

Reiseroute Chile


Day 3 – City Tour of Santiago

You will certainly be impressed by this city of more than 7 million inhabitants in the center of the country.

The tour begins with the traditional center of Santiago along heritage buildings such as La Moneda, Plaza de Armas, the Cathedral, etc. Then, we will go to the emblematic cultural center Gabriela Mistral, passing by the Cerro Santa Lucía and its magnificent views. of Santiago, Barrio Lastarria, Parque Forestal and the Museo de Bellas Artes. This district, full of art, shops and alternative cafes, has the most beautiful architecture of the city. Barrio Bellas Artes is connected to Cerro San Cristóbal and Museo Casa la Chascona by the poet Pablo Neruda.

Included: excursion, lunch, English speaking guide, room and breakfast


Day 4 – Valley of the Moon – Astronomical Tower

Your private driver will take you to Santiago airport for your flight to Calama.

Once in Calama, head to Transvip’s office and take your shared transfer to San Pedro de Atacama (1h).

This small group excursion will take you to the Moon Valley and its ravines, to the Salt Mountain Range in the Atacama Desert, the driest place in the world, to discover one of the most picturesque spots. The names already give you an idea of ​​how the landscape is shaped by the eroding rock formations, the salt mantle covering the ground and views that will make you feel like you’re on another planet.

We will visit its most famous rock formations: Las Tres Marías, El Cañón, El Amphitheater and the Coyote Stone. Finally, we will enjoy the sunset from a natural view point, where you can see how the desert changes colors, with large volcanoes on the horizon, offering a show without a voice.

Astronomical Tower: The sky of Atacama is one of the best in the world to observe stars. Still in your small group, local guides will teach you the Andean constellations and the western stars, and explain how to understand the cosmos from the ancient inhabitants of the Andes. Using modern telescopes, they will teach you and show you the most amazing objects in the universe. You will be back in your accommodation late at night.

Included: transport, excursion, English-speaking guide, room and breakfast


Day 5 – Hierbas Buenas, Río Grande and Rainbow Valley

After breakfast, you will be picked up in a private transfer that will take you to Hierbas Buenas (1:30 hours), where you will meet your local guide, Pamela Condori. She will lead you in the visit of old petroglyphs and the magnificent Rainbow Valley, enjoying the multiple colors.

On your way back, you will visit the small village Río Grande. It has been built in a deep ravine. You will walk through its small streets visiting its houses and orchards. We will enjoy a typical lunch prepared by Pamela.

* Remember to bring cash for entrance fee payment ($3.000.- CLP per person).

Included: transport, excursion, local guide, English-speaking guide, room and breakfast


Day 6 – Lickan Antay Experience – Atacamenian Lunch – Ancestral Caravan

The Atacameños, or Lickan Antay, have lived in the desert for thousands of years. Throughout this time, they have learned to live with and to discover all the secrets. During this excursion, Wildo will show us the story of his family and the economic activities they have developed in the desert. We will learn more about maize and alfalfa crops, animal husbandry and other trades typical of an Atacamenian family.

You will enjoy an Atacamean « fusion » lunch, with preparations based on products traditionally used by Lickan Antay, such as corn, quinoa, llama or lamb meat, as well as fruit and vegetables produced in orchards. from the community. After lunch, you will return to the hostel to rest or stay in the restaurant’s gardens.

In the evening we leave for the ancestral caravan. It allows us to relive the beautiful experience of walking with llamas in the Atacama Desert. Sandra and Carlos, our local guides, will tell us stories of the desert and the relationship of men with llamas and travels. While we enjoy a beautiful sunset in the colors of the desert.

Included: transport, excursion, lunch, English-speaking guide, room and breakfast

Visit CHile


Day 7 – Tatio Geysers Geothermal Field – Transfer to Vegas Hotel

Today we will wake up very early, before the sunrise. You will be picked up at your accommodation to head north-east with a small group, climbing the hills and mountains of the Andes, to reach the Tatio Geysers after approximately 1:30 hours of travel. Located about 89 km from San Pedro de Atacama, and 4,230 meters above sea level, this geothermal field consists of more than 80 active Geysers of different magnitudes.  In summer the temperature can be -6ºC and in winter -20ºC.

On the way back, you will pass through the village of Machuca.

Return to the hotel.

* Do not forget to bring: $10.000 CLP per person in cash to pay entrance fees; protection from the sun; windbreaks; plenty of shelter; comfortable clothes and shoes for walking; bathing clothes; water (minimum 1 liter per person).

Included: transport, excursion, lunch, English-speaking guide, room and breakfast


Our travel programs are given as an example, to inspire you and give you ideas.

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This program includes

  • English-speaking guide and local guide as indicated
  • Private transfers
  • Entrances for excursions as indicated
  • Accommodation in 3-star hotels in a double room or a bed and breakfast, including breakfast
  • Meal as indicated
  • Personalized assistance during the trip 24 hours a day
  • A donation to the WINTA (Global Alliance for Indigenous Tourism) organization, with which we have a strategic alliance of collaboration to strengthen the global tourism network.



This program does not include

  • Food not specified in your program
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Expenses for souvenir purchases


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