Guide Northern Peru

Guide Northern Peru

Your extensive guide Northern Peru

In our guide Northern Peru, you will find our articles about these beautiful regions in the North including archaeological and nature sites to visit, but also traditional activities to be discovered. Take the time to have a look what you are interested in and discover amazing sites still very little known !

The blog section of Phima Voyages is a mine of information on places to visit in Northern Peru. Do not miss the publication of our articles and get our Free Guide of the 10 places to visit in the North of PeruClick here.


Prepare your trip to Peru with our guide Northern Peru

Top 10 of the Must-See-Places in Northern Peru : The most important sites that should be on your itinerary to Peru

A sample itinerary to Northern Peru : You want to visit the North, but don’t really know where and how to start ? Have a look at our sample itinerary !

Discover the regions of Northern Peru : Peru is a HUGE country – Discover the different regions, the best travel seasons and climats

The 10 most important archaeological sites in Northern Peru : All of them are pre-Inkan archaeology, amazing!

Checklist before traveling to Peru – Our non-exhaustive list to prepare your trip to Peru

Tipping in Peru, good practices – Tipping always seems a little complicated, maybe we can help ?

Your advantages by travelling with Phima Voyages – and how your stay makes a difference

Training of our local partners –  our commitment to sustainable tourism

Our recommendations for your trip to Peru : Health and Security, what to pack, personal pharmacy

Our suggestion of hotels in Northern Peru – Maybe there is something for you as well ?



Guide Northern Peru about Cities and villages

Region of Amazonas : Visit Chachapoyas : The complete guide of how to get there, where to sleep and what to visit

Region of Amazonas : All you need to know about Leymebamba, which sites to visit, activities to make

Region Cajamarca : Discover the region of Cajamarca: City Tour, archaeological sites and legends

Region San Martin : San Martin Region: 20 things to do : Discover Tarapoto, Chazuta, Lamas

Region La Libertad : The essentials in Trujillo : How to get there and what to visit

Region Lambayeque : Chiclayo, starting point for your trip to northern Peru


Plaza de Armas Chachapoyas

Guide Northern Peru Archaeology

Region of Amazonas : The 11 things to know about Kuélap – Discover the Machu Picchu of the North !

Region of Amazonas : The sarcophagi of Karajia – 2,50 m high, on the cliff, surrounded by mystery…

Region of Amazonas : Mausoleums of Revash – another way to bury the dead

Region of Amazonas : The museum of Leymebamba – the only museum that explains the Chachapoya culture, much older than the Incas

Region of Cajamarca : The Otuzco and Cumbayo ventanillas – a Pre-Incan cimetery that looks like a bee hive

Region of Cajamarca : Cumbe Mayo – a Pre-Incan aquaeduc and an incredible stone forest

Region of Cajamarca : Kuntur Wasi – THE treasure of the Cajamarca region !

Region of Lambayeque : The Tumbas Reales museum in Lambayeque – one of the best in Peru? Discover the jewelry and gold and silver that were found in the tomb of the Lord of Sipan

Region of Lambayeque : The pyramids of Tucume – an incredible site with over 20 pyramids from the Chimu civilisation

Region of La Libertad : Chan Chan, the lost capital of the Chimu empire – The biggest city that has ever been built with adobe bricks

Region of La Libertad : The Sun and Moon temples – Impressive Moche pyramids that show off  the power of their lords

Region of La Libertad : El Brujo and the Señora de Cao – a mystical site

Region of Ancash : Discover Cerro Sechin, a fascinating and cruel site on the northern coast of Peru. The stone façade of the temple shows war scenes with decapitated heads

Region of Lima : Caral, the oldest civilization in America – as old as the Chinese or Egyptian civilisations

Region of Lima : The Larco Museum – Fine ceramics of the Moche, Nazca or Paracas – all Pre-Incan and with astonishing details of their daily live. Don’t miss the erotic room.



Guide Northern Peru about Nature

Region of Amazonas : 7 things to know about Gocta – one of the highest waterfalls in the world !

Region of Amazonas : Yumbilla and the valley of waterfalls – another waterfall with 2 more on the hike

Region of Amazonas : Canyoning in the Amazonas region

Region of Amazonas : Lagoon of Huamanpata – A trek to Huamanpata with homestay

Region of Amazonas : The valley of Huaylla Belen, beautiful snake river

Region of Amazonas : Milpuj La Heredad Private Conservation Area – Lola and Perico, forerunners of environmental conservation in the region

Region of Amazonas : Huembo, THE nature reserve where you can see the famous Spatuletail Hummingbird, that is endemic to the region of Amazonas !

Region of Amazonas : Discover the traditional experiences in the Peruvian Amazonia – vivencial tourism

Region of San Martin : The paradisiacal landscapes of the Breo reserve – Discover the Peruvian Amazonia

Region of San Martin : The Tingana Ecotourism Reserve – A private conservation area, managed by the local community where you will discover an amazing, but fragil ecosystem

Region of San Martin : Santa Elena Ecological Reserve – another conservation initiative !

Region of San Martin : Waqanki – Orchids and hummingbirds – This is the place to be if you like hummingbirds and orchids. At the end of September, thre is the orchid festival in Moyobamba.


Guide Northern Peru of Cultural discoveries

Workshop Arte en nogal with Gerald in Chachapoyas : Learn how many steps it takes to make a coaster and take it with you as a souvenir

Traditional activities in Cuispes – whether you prefer bread baking, coffee picking and roasting or beekeeping – have a look !

Rural activities in Leymebamba – stay a few nights in this charming village and learn about weaving or cheese making. Or maybe your prefer painting a mini-sarcophagi of the Chachapoya culture ?

Artistic activities in Tucume – meet the local artists dying beautiful table sets with natural colors, or preparing traditional masks for the danse of the devils ? (baile de los diablicos)

Meeting with Señora Teodula of the Kuélap Annex – Presentation of our local partner for a homestay just below the wall of Kuelap

Raymi Llaqta : la fiesta del pueblo 2017 – Review of the activities and expositions during Raymi Llaqta

The pottery village of Huancas – Pottery – a millenary tradition

Chocolate workshop in Chachapoyas – Make your own sarcophagus of Karajia out of chocolate !

Art in Amazonas – Artist Luis Portilla

Quiocta and Vaquin : Looking for the undiscovered fish in the caves in Northern Peru – an exploratory story !

What are the musical influences in Peru ? – Prepare your playlist for your trip to Peru

Global Big Day – International Birdwatching Day – we participated in the north !

Spectacle “Caballo Peruano de Paso y Marinera Norteña” – A traditional danse between a horse and a barefeet young woman

Granja Porcon, a Model Community Farm in Northern Peru – A great place to taste their cheese and learn about their successful organisation

Adobe Workshop : Adobe – made out of soil – can be used either as an adobe brick or with bamboo to make a wall. This is a traditional way to construct in Northern Peru.

Cocoa farm in the community of Chazuta – Meet Heriberto and his family and learn all about organic chocolat farming

Visit of a chocolat factory in Tarapoto – A little more chocolat 🙂

A medieval castle in Lamas – Well, yes, a medieval castle – any problem with that ?

Our litterature selection for your trip to Peru – Start reading about Peru with our selection of books

Our litterature selection after your trip to Peru 🙂 – Keep those memories alive !

Local products



Our travel tips

Peru, an expensive destination? – How much does lodging cost in Northern Peru ? Or food ? What are the average rates of entrance tickets and transfers ? Have a look.

I tested for you – Movil Tours – Night bus, yes or no ? Yes, under the condition to choose a good bus company.

Why you should travel to Peru now ? – After the effects of El Nino in March 2017, several regions in Peru were devasted. However, the north of Peru was ready to welcome guests and was even waiting for them !



Culinary and Recipes

Cooking class in the San Martin area – Tacacho con Cecina, plantains with dried meats

Pachamanca cooking class in Tucume – a typical Peruvian dish, cooked in the earth

How to prepare at home a chicken in chili sauce, Peruvian style – also known under the name of Aji de Gallina

Papa a la Huancaina recipe and Cooking Class at Tambo Sapalanchan


Responsible tourism

13 tips for the responsible traveler – Get inspired by our tips to become a more responsible traveler

Responsible, rural and sustainable tourism: Definition, operation and challenges in northern Peru

Why travel? – To meet other people, share experiences and learn about different cultures

Our goal : Stop plastic – Since this year we propose refill water bottles to our clients

Articles on responsible tourism – May 2018 Selection

Articles on responsible tourism – June 2018 Selection



Travel stories

Discover the itinerary of the winners of our FB contest. A complete guide on the sites to visit in Northern Peru !

Travel Story #1 : Arrival in Lima

Travel Story #2 : Chachapoyas and the Sonche Canyon

Travel Story # 3 : Chachapoyas to Kuelap

Travel Story #4 : Nature in Estancia El Chillo and Milpuj

Travel Story #5 : The Mausoleums of Revash and the Museum of Leymebamba

Travel Story #6 : Gocta Waterfall

Travel Story #7 : Sarcophagi of Karajia

Travel Story #8: Rodriguez de Mendoza

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