Capital of the region Lambayeque

Chiclayo – Departure point for your trip to Northern Peru !

Chiclayo is the regional capital of Lambayeque, on the Northern coast of Peru. It is also one of the biggest cities of Peru.

Chiclayo itself is not very interesting, but the surroundings are absolutely worth your visit. You have the choice between very good museums, beach at the seaside village of Pimentel (only 13 km away from Chiclayo) or a visit at a nature reserve. The best is of course a little bit of everything !

Pyramide de Tucume, Northern Peru chiclayo

Culture and Nature

During your trip to Northern Peru, you have to visit :

  • the Museum Tumbas Reales, one of the best museums in Peru. It exhibits treasures of incredible value for History and Archaeology.
  • conservation areas such as the reserve of Chaparri with a big variety of birds.

 Nature Réserve Chaparri, Northern Peru chiclayo

On the culinary side

The region of Lambayeque is very well known for its King Kongs – pronounced King Konas – a creamy pastry with several layers, very sweet. Peruvians are crazy about.

Another speciality : the Peruvian Ceviche, fresh and spicy !

Ceviche Stay in Northern Peru chiclayo

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