Mapuche in the Cordillera Nahuelbuta, Valparaíso and Santiago

A community stay with the Mapuche in Chile 8

This trip to Chile will allow you a total immersion in the Chilean way of life!

After visiting Valparaíso and Santiago, you go to the Cordillera Nahuelbuta. Between the coast and the Cordillera Nahuelbuta, you will find Lake Lanalhue. The beautiful Elicura Valley is also nearby, inhabited historically by Mapuche communities. Come share with them their culture, their livelihoods and their ancestral knowledge, in an experience of responsible rest and respectful harmony with nature.

  • Private driver and English-speaking guide
  • Visit of the city of Santiago
  • The Matriz Valparaiso, UNESCO World Heritage
  • Cordillera Nahuelbuta
  • Traditions and ancestral know-how mapuche


Day 1 – Vegas Hotel

Overnight at the Vegas Hotel, or in an establishment of equal category depending on availability.

Included: room and breakfast


Day 2 – The Matriz Valparaiso – Visit of Valparaiso

Today, early in the morning, you will take public transport to the bus station, then a bus to Valparaiso (2 hours), the second largest city in Chile.

Valparaiso, a UNESCO World Heritage Site – a city on the edge of a cliff. Our local guide will be waiting for you to visit the oldest part of the city with a local poet. Interesting characters and a magnificent view of the colorful hills await you.

You will begin the journey in the founding sector of Valparaiso, visiting the oldest temple of the city, the church of La Matriz. We will then move on to the « Social Dining Room 421« , where we will learn about the social work done by neighbors and volunteers in support of homeless brothers.

Then we will climb the stairs of the hill of Santo Domingo, which preserves innumerable secrets of architecture and heritage and which is the first inhabited of the city. You will arrive at « La Chinita », who will welcome you to her home for lunch and discuss pleasant life in the neighborhood of Buenos Aires.

We will go to downtown Valparaiso through the heritage area of ​​the hill. In the company of the local guide, we will continue our walk by enjoying the street art that highlights Valparaiso as a bohemian city and cultural center of the country. Subsequently, a visit to the museum of the house of Pablo Neruda, La Sebastiana, is organized (depends on the day).

Included: transport, English speaking guide, local guide, lunch, room and breakfast

Visit Valparaiso, Chile


Day 3 – City Tour of Santiago

You will certainly be impressed by this city of more than 7 million inhabitants in the center of the country.

The tour begins with the traditional center of Santiago along heritage buildings such as La Moneda, Plaza de Armas, the Cathedral, etc. Then, we will go to the emblematic cultural center Gabriela Mistral, passing by the Cerro Santa Lucía and its magnificent views. of Santiago, Barrio Lastarria, Parque Forestal and the Museo de Bellas Artes. This district, full of art, shops and alternative cafes, has the most beautiful architecture of the city. Barrio Bellas Artes is connected to Cerro San Cristóbal and Museo Casa la Chascona by the poet Pablo Neruda.

Included: excursion, lunch, English-speaking guide, room and breakfast


Day 4 – Antihuala Lagoon – Walk through Caramavida – Tasting Rural Food

We will have breakfast with a great view of the Antihuala Lagoon. You will taste local products that include wheat coffee, maqui, natural cheese, kneaded bread, mate, herbs, avocado, among others.

We will visit the Antihuala Lagoon and learn about its history with local guides, members of the Association for the Defense of the Lagoon. You will discover a waterfall and the ecosystem of the lagoon where 2,500 plants were planted among coigües, pitras, canelos, ulmos, olivillos and other native trees for the recovery of the place.

We are going to eat a lunch prepared by women members of the Women’s Work Cooperative.

The food is made from local and seasonal products: entrée, chicken soup, pickled field chicken, with added boiled potatoes and salads assorted according to the season, natural juices, and fruit dessert in syrup, roasted milk, snowfall or semolina with milk.

We will walk through the nature of Caramavida, guided by locals and visiting natural and historical attractions of the area bordered by a river, while the stories of the territory get to our ears.

Sample of rural snacks prepared by a local women’s cooperative. We will taste maqui coffee, wheat coffee, sopaipillas, kneaded bread, tortillas, wholemeal bread, homemade jams, homemade cheese, quesillo, eggs and others of the season. This activity takes place in a very typical rural church.

You will enter the « Ruka Tegualda », typical Mapuche house.

*There are alternatives of dishes depending on the season.

**There are vegetarian/vegan alternatives.

You will spend the night in your own Mapuche cabin.

Included:  excursion, lunch, catering, dinner, cabin, bedroom and breakfast


3-week trip to Chile


Day 5 – Production and tasting of Hazelnuts – Native Forest Conservation

We will learn the process of harvesting and manufacturing hazelnuts, in a traditional house that will make you travel to the 1800s. Harvesting, drying, packaging, allways with a handcrafted clothing.

The activity concludes with different hazelnut products tasting: coffee, chocolate, cake, tortillas, jams. Delicious!

We will visit the Nahuelbuta Restaurants Cooperative (Association of restaurants). They will welcome us with an introduction of their beautiful project and we will be able to do participative activities: cultivation, observation of restored areas, tree planting, environment reflection and more.

Duration: 2 hours

Observation and contemplation tour of the Native Forest next to Marta’s house, where the Hazelnut is produced. We will observe the biodiversity of the forest depending on the season, because each season has its particularity.

If you go during the rainy season you will have the opportunity to see a wide variety of mushrooms.

*There are alternatives of dishes depending on the season.

**There are vegetarian/vegan alternatives.

You will spend the night in your own Mapuche cabin.

Included:  excursion, lunch, dinner, cabin, bedroom and breakfast



Day 6 – Tour of the Valley, Worshop of Loom and Gastronomy – Mapuche Museum and Handicrafts – Lafkenche evening

During this morning we will learn trades. We are going to go through the valley.

We will spin wool, weave looms and prepare typical gastronomy.

We will go to Ruka Tegualda, where its owner will be waiting for us with an exquisite lunch made with local organic products.

We will go to Cañete village, where Manuel Maribur will guide us through the Mapuche Culture Museum. Afterwards, we will visit a wool weaver women in Huape area and see how they do this ancient trade.

Transfer to Cañete to visit a Mapuche Museum with Manuel Maribur.

Nightfall means time for stories, bonfire, and singing. Gathered around the fire we will sing and learn the ancient stories of this great culture.

You will spend the night in your own Mapuche cabin.

Included:  excursion, lunch, dinner, cabin, bedroom and breakfast


Day 7 – Nahuelbuta National Park – Medicinal Relaxation – Bus to Santiago

We will hike through the ancient mountain trails of this National Park. We will enjoy the tour under the ancient Araucaria trees and the impressive views of the ocean and volcanoes on the mountain range.

* Entrance fee not included ($3.000 CLP per person).

After a great hiking day, nothing better than enjoying a hot water bath with salts and medicinal herbs. Ideal to recover our bodies and our spirits.

You will go back to Santiago by public bus.

Included:  lunch, entrance fees, excursion, local guide, transport, bus ticket



Day 8 – Vegas Hotel

Overnight at the Vegas Hotel, or in an establishment of equal category depending on availability.

Included: room and breakfast

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Then we create with you together the trip of your dreams. Depending on the duration of your trip, we advise you on the sites to visit, you choose your accommodation, the means of transport and if you want a guide who accompanies you during your discovery of Chile.

This immersive 8-day trip into the Mapuche community is at the rate of 1 800 USD per person (based on 2 travellers).

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This program includes

  • English-speaking guide and local guide as indicated
  • Private transfers
  • Entrances for excursions as indicated
  • Accommodation in 3-star hotels in a double room or a bed and breakfast, including breakfast
  • Meal as indicated
  • Personalized assistance during the trip 24 hours a day
  • A donation to the WINTA (Global Alliance for Indigenous Tourism) organization, with which we have a strategic alliance of collaboration to strengthen the global tourism network.



This program does not include

  • Food not specified in your program
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Expenses for souvenir purchases


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