Great immersion in local life in the region of Amazonas

Experiences and encounters about 7 days

The key moments

This trip combines the archaeological and natural sites of the region of Amazonas, but most importantly, it allows you to understand the traditions and culture of the Chachapoyas people from the interior. You will sleep in guest rooms in local houses and get to know the reality of life in the mountains.

You meet local artists, artisans and farmers to immerse yourself in their daily lives and participate in traditional activities. Of course, you will not miss the emblematic sites of the region.

The highlights of the circuit

  • Charming hotels and homestays
  • Sharing the daily life of Peruvians
  • Discovery of emblematic sites of the Chachapoya civilization
  • Traditional activities with local artists and artisans

If you are interested in a more classic trip to the region of Amazonas, we invite you to take a look at our « Essentials of the Amazonas region » tour which includes overnight stays in hotel rooms and more archaeological sites.

Detailed itinerary

Day 1 – Arrival at the airport of Jaen, transfer to Leymebamba and traditional activity

Our driver will be waiting for you at Jaen airport with a sign with your name on it.

You will then depart for the five hour 30 minute journey to Leymebamba in the region Amazonas. Along the way you will make scenic stops and have time to eat your box lunch.

Arrival at Sr. Jabier homestay where you will settle in your room.

Then you start with your English-speaking guide to meet the artist Miguel Huaman. He will show you how he makes the wooden sarcophagi according to the traditions of the Chachapoya and you have the opportunity to paint your own – a very nice memory!

Finally back to Sr. Jabier’s house for some rest.


Day 2 – Visit of the Mummy Museum and weaving activity

This morning you will leave accompanied by your English-speaking guide and Sr. Jabier on foot or by motorbike taxi to the Leymebamba Museum. Sr. Jabier is a local guide of the region, he was part of the team that rescued the mummies of the place  » Laguna de los Condores « . He will tell you about this adventure as well as the construction of the Museum. Of course he will share all his knowledge about the civilization of the Chachapoyas with you.

Lunch in Leymebamba with a local family before having coffee at KentiCafé where you will certainly see several species of hummingbirds.

In the afternoon you will meet the association of weavers of Leymebamba. They will show you the work of wool, from the animal to the finished product. You will have the opportunity to get your hands on and try yourself the traditional weaving.

Return to Sr. Jabier’s Casa Intimachay for dinner and overnight.


Day 3 – Hike to the Mausoleums of Revash et visit of a coffee plantation

Today you will leave your hosts, Sr. Jabier and Maria Elena.

You will leave in the morning with your driver and your English-speaking guide along the Utcubamba valley before ascending to the village of San Bartolo (around an hour). In the village you will meet your local Spanish speaking guide who will accompany you on a 45 minute hike through the Andes to the Mausoleums.

The local guide will explain the traditions of the village, the medicinal plants, but also how the mausoleums were built and why. Your English speaking guide will do the translation.

After returning to San Bartolo, you will take the car back and descend into the valley. You will then take the impressive road up to the Amazilia Ecolodge where Andres will be waiting for you with an organic lunch from his vegetable garden.

Then you will go for a walk on the property for a guided tour of the coffee plantations, followed by a tasting.

It’s time to go back down to the valley and reach the neighboring property of the Amazilia Ecolodge, the Casa de Dona Lola where Perico and his mother Lola will be your hosts for the next two days.

Dinner on site and overnight.

Archéologie voyage nord du Pérou


Day 4 – Explore the citadel of Kuelap

Today you will leave just 15 minutes to the village of Tingo from where you will take the cable car to the citadel of Kuelap, the Machu Picchu of the North in the region Amazonas.

The Kuelap tour will last around 2 hours 30 minutes before you will descend by cable car and have lunch in Tingo.

Then return to Perico and Dona Lola where Perico will be waiting for you for the guided tour of his property. He will explain to you all his work for years in reforestation, will show you the beehives, the organic vegetable garden and the new constructions in progress.

You will plant a tree on the property from which you will receive the adoption certificate. Perico will prepare a stone with your name next to the tree and give you information for several years!

Dinner and overnight.

Archéologie nord du Pérou


Day 5 – Chachapoyas City Tour and discovery of the ceramic traditions of Huancas and the Canyon of Sonche

This morning you will leave Perico and Dona Lola and drive along the Utcumbamba valley before going up to Chachapoyas (about 1 hour journey).

You will visit this pretty colonial town with your English-speaking guide before meeting Gerald, a local craftsman who creates objects in nogal (a kind of walnut). He will explain the production process from the nut to the final object.

Lunch at a local restaurant in Chachapoyas before continuing to the village of Huancas, 30 minutes from Chachapoyas. Huancas is well known for its women ceramicists and you will participate in a demonstration of their art. Then you will walk to the Sonche Canyon from where you have a 360 ° view of the valley.

At the end of the afternoon you will leave Chachapoyas for Cocachimba (an hour’s drive) where you will end the day at the Mamaq Tambo Lodge hotel.

Huancas Keramik


Day 6 – Hike to the waterfall of Gocta

This morning, accompanied by your guide, you will leave for the six hour hike (round trip) to the Gocta waterfall. The path goes through the forest and with a bit of luck you may see a Gallito de las Rocas, the national bird of Peru.

Note: If you are not big hikers, you can request a horse for part of the way. On the other hand, the last two km (two km one way, but also return) must be done on foot.

Return to the hotel to enjoy the view and a little rest.

Randonnée à Gocta, nord du Pérou


Day 7 – Return to the airport of Jaen

Depending on your flight schedule, you will either leave in the morning or in the afternoon for Jaen Airport.

Your driver will accompany you.


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This program includes:

  • Transfer to/from airports
  • Guides
  • Entrances to archaeological sites and natural reserves
  • Activities and excursions as indicated in the program
  • Meals as indicated in the program
  • Land transport according to the program, private (by car for 2 people, in Mini Van H1 for 3 or more people), by night bus, taxi / combi


This program does not include:

  • International and national flights
  • Airport taxes or visa fees
  • Excess baggage charges
  • Additional nights following flight cancellations
  • Insurance
  • Meals not mentioned in the program
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Laundry service
  • Phone calls
  • Re-confirmation of international flights
  • Bank transfer fees


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