Why travel?

Why do we travel ? That’s a good question !!

But first – Let’s try to define “What is travel ?”

To know why we travel, you have to define what is “travel”, because I insist on the fact that traveling is not being on vacation.

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Definition Merriam Webster

I searched the entire network and in the Larousse of my children, but all I could find as a definition comes down to this:

"to go on a trip or journey : to go to a place and especially one that is far away"

That seems a little light, as I think it does not comply fully with the theme.

When we travel, it is not just to consume a maximum of products and services or stay in an “all inclusive resort” and enjoy the sun – This is what I call a good vacation – all you want is some rest, not want to mix with other people, nor the local population. Apart from some of the easy accessible tourist attractions maybe. I really do not agree with the idea that you have to go very far to travel – often next to us are the places we least know…

So I try to make a personal definition of the world “travel”:

« to go on a journey with the idea of meeting people and understanding their culture »

Second question : Why do we travel ?

why travel ? Phima Voyages

This is the question that many people ask us, that come back regularly and we feel that our answers are not always well understood by family or close friends. This is because it is very difficult for many people to imagine leaving their comfort zone and get “endangered” leaving their trails. It is true that whilst traveling, we don’t contribute to our pension fund, and what we do in case of an accident or illness?

Well, this is a personal choice, a risk that can be calculated and it also depends on each person.

I have read many travel blogs recently and I feel very at ease. Between travellers, I have the impression that we know each other and we know each others concerns.

I won’t hold you any longer –  Here are my reasons why I travel  :

  • To know other people
  • Have new, different experiences
  • Break the routine
  • Have more time
  • Feel alive
  • Share time and experiences with my family
  • Open the mind
  • To learn
  • Make plans and then change them
  • Have new challenges
  • To love
  • Live

I would like to finish this article with a word of Casanova, which I think is very successful in this topic:

       "The man who seeks to educate himself must first read  
and then travel in order to correct what he has learned."

Well, this is my personal answer to why travel? And you, what are your reasons for travelling?

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