Welcome letters and presents for Phima Clients

Welcome letters and presents for Phima Voyages clients


In order to welcome our Phima Voyages clients everywhere the same way, we have established several rules that we want to share with you here.


Welcome letter

At their arrival in your country, all clients should get a Phima Voyages welcome letter, signed by you as the Phima Voyages representative and welcoming them in your country.

Have a closer look at our written procedure as how to proceed with the welcome letter and the present.

Example de welcome letter in English.



Private clients also get a welcome present from us

In Northern Peru we work with a local lady that prepares us a woven bag. Inside the client will get

  • a cereal bar (with Quinua and other local grains),
  • a few caramelos against altitude sickness,
  • mate de coca and
  • some toilet paper.

The value of the welcome present should be around 8 US$ per person.

Please come up with something local and useful for the clients, but also supporting a local person that will fit into this budget. It is also important to budget the transportation charges to send the welcome present to the hotel where the clients trip starts (or to your contact in that city).


Phima Water Bottles

If the clients travel with a private driver and private guide, they also get a reusable water bottle from us. Obviously this only makes sens if the client can refill his bottle from a big water container (7 or 22 liters) that is in the car. This has to be explained to the driver and the guide.

The water bottles are important for us to limit the use of plastic.



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