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Raymi Llaqta: La fiesta del pueblo

Raymi Llaqta : La fiesta del pueblo The people of Chachapoyas lived (and still live) in […]

Travel Story #7 : Sarcophagi of Karajia

Sarcophagi of Karajia Today we begin a new day of discovery in northern Peru. We […]

Travelstory #6 : Gocta Waterfall

Travelstory #6: Gocta Waterfall After our stay in the Estancia and Leymebamba, we are back […]

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Travelstory #5 : The Mausoleums of Revash and Museum of Leymebamba

Travelstory #5: The Mausoleums of Revash and the Museum of Leymebamba After a last night […]

48 hours in Chachapoyas

48 hours in Chachapoyas Today I propose you to visit Chachapoyas in just 2 days and see […]

Inauguration of the cable car of Kuelap, Northern Peru

Inauguration of the cable car Kuelap, Northern Peru We waited, and they did it ! The […]

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La Casona de Leymebamba – Charming hotel in Northern Peru

Welcome to the Hotel La Casona de Leymebamba The House of Mr. Julio and his […]

Quiocta cave, Amazonas

Quiocta and Vaquin: searching for lost fishes in the caves of Northern Peru

Quiocta and Vaquin : Searching for lost fishes in the caves of Northern Peru It […]

Kuelap Peru

Homestay at Teodula’s place, Kuelap

Homestay at Teodula’s place, the annex of Kuelap During a trip, one of the highlights is […]

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Canyoning in the Amazonas region, Northern Peru

Amazonas, ready for adventure with canyoning The Amazon region in Northern Peru will soon be […]

What is rural tourism?

What is rural  tourism ? Article written by Mathilde Lombard Let’s start from a simple […]

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The Museum of Leymebamba

The Museum of Leymebamba Article written by Mathilde Lombard, translated by Shirley Lopez Leymebamba, a […]

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