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Client reviews and comments

Whenever I want to buy something online or even in a bigger shop or mall, I usually check the client reviews first, the comments they make about the product or the after sales service. It is  very reassuring to know what others think about it and how well (or not) everything turned out.

It is exactly the same thing with your trip to Peru. You will travel to an unknown country, maybe you don’t talk the language and you have many questions. Have a look at our recent clients comments, what they think about their travels with Phima Voyages, in order to know us a little better.

Solo trip, Northern Peru, 15 days

Dear Martina,

My trip to Peru is over, my flight will be tomorrow morning. Thanks again for the organization in the background.

The selected hotels have always been wonderful: great in Chachapoyas, wonderful in Cajamarca, amazing in Huanchaco.

Excursions were all exciting and interesting and feasible even after a night on the bus.

Claudia, April 2019

Family trip, Amazonas region, 5 days

Dear Martine, if we made the trip to Jr. Union, it was only to meet you and …. and especially … to thank you for the stimulus that Phima as a tourist agency in Peru, had on us to motivate us to take the plane a 15th time. Kuélap and Chachapoyas having marked my spirit in 2015, Phima finally allowed me to realize this dream with your wise advice distilled.

Thank you, thank you very much and good luck in your Peruvian adventure.

Pedro, January 2019

Solo travel, Northern Peru, 10 day

Jhon Jelsin Garcia was very caring and obviously, he knew a lot about the sites visited, and is very passionate about history. It is difficult to imagine having a better guide. He was completely charming.

Philomena, January 2019

Trip as a couple, Amazonas short trip, 2 days

Your arrangements were perfect despite the unusual circumstances of Election Day and cable car closure. Our stay in Chachapoyas was very nice, thank you.

Luis was a good driver, and made extraordinary attempts to explain things to us despite our lack of knowledge of Spanish! We enjoyed the canyon views and the hotel, and we even had time to see the mausoleum near the hotel.

Timothy was extremely knowledgeable and intellectual and we enjoyed his explanations. It would have been nice to have a native Peruvian guide but we did appreciate that it was very easy to understand the explanations from an American.

Lily, October 2018

Trip as a couple, Northern Peru roundtrip, 16 days

Very well organised trip, and constant support from the agency. We hope that they will be able to take our comments into account.

Victor and Susan, August 2018

Family Trip, Amazonas Region, 5 days

Nice and professional, always in contact with the agency.

Thierry, July 2018

Mother-daughter trip, Northern Peru roundtrip, 13 days

I never knew the wonders Peru contained and now having had a taste I want to go back and really dive into the cultures and histories of Peru. The food and people were so comforting and welcoming and the sites were fantastic. Thank you! You made the trip a trip of a lifetime.

The best part of the trip would be our guide Jhon and driver Dantes who made the northern part of Peru the most memorable part of our time in Peru. The historical background and passion for history and culture that Jhon provided was matched by no other guides and helped us make connections in history between all of the places we
saw in Peru, not just in the North. Jhon was the best and most informative guide we had in all of Peru and his thoughtful attention to details surpassed all other guides.

Jhon was, without a doubt, the best tour guide we had in Peru. We saw more every day with him – knew what to expect, when to leave, what to bring, and most importantly, we learned about what we were seeing. He was very patient. Would answer our million of questions, repeat the names and order of eras multiple times for us on our request, was extremely knowledgeable. He also had a passion about the history of these sites that still shone through even if it was his 50th time going to that same site.

Sally and Elisa, June 2018

Couple trip, Northern coast and Region Amazonas, 8 days

I would like to say thank you to Martina. She put an incredible tour together in a very short amount of time. Martina always responded immediately to any question i had. She was a real pleasure to work with.

Our guide John was great. He was very friendly and always upbeat and helpful. Our stay at Casa Hacienda Milpuj was great. The friendly conversations were nice and the food there was best of the entire trip. I could have stayed the entire trip in Hotel Achamaqui. The service and food were very good and the scenery was amazing. I loved the quiet peacefulness.

All the day trips were great but I think the waterfalls of Gocta was the best. Riding horseback provided some great photo opportunities. I have traveled extensively in the past and this was the most organized and well planned tour i have ever been on. Thank you Martina.

Samuel, March 2018

Couple trip, Northern Peru roundtrip, 15 days

Our trip was full of activity and adventure in Northern Peru for 2-1/2 weeks. Our guide Jhon was young and full of energy and our driver Carlos was an attentive, safe driver. In Trujillo, we thoroughly enjoyed the Sun and Moon Temples and Chan Chan. The demonstration of the straw boats and cooking class in Huanchaco was fantastic.

Heading into the Andes is spectacular. Outside Cajamarca, we loved our hike through Cumbemayo to see the remarkable Andean water works. The Revash was very interesting and we enjoyed our horse ride to the site. Visiting Miguel in his workshop and painting our own Sarcophagus was a lot of fun. Perico and Lola’s private conservation property in the Utcubamba Valley was so beautiful and was a favourite of ours. It was hard to say goodbye to them and the family they had visiting at the time. Then off to Kuelap by cable car and another hike to the site…fantastic!

The biggest surprise and highlight for us was our stay at Villa del Monte in the coffee country of Rodriguez de Mendoza. We have a coffee roasting business and requested some time with coffee growers. The home we stayed at in the area was really great and the caretakers living next to the home were warm and friendly. We did an afternoon at an underground cave that was pretty cool although fitting through a small hole to start was a little scary but worth the effort. The best part for us was spending our time with the coffee farmers (owners of Cafe Monteverde) who provided us with such a detailed education of their business from the growing of the coffee at their farm (tasting included) to going to their laboratory in town to watch and participate in grading and cupping of the coffee. This was fantastic for us.

The Gocta Falls is another favourite. The hike is fairly difficult so the horses came in handy. Lunch at the Gocta Lodge is outstanding and so is the view. Our last stop on the coast was the Pyramids of Tucume and Museum Tumbas Reales with the latter being our favourite museum.

With a little more time, Jhon will get better at his English. It’s good but sometimes we had translation difficulties. He is a great guide and really cares about what he does. Both him and Carlos were always available and willing to make things work for us.

Thank you Phima Voyages for a great adventure in Northern Peru!

Darlene & Gary, December 2017 / January 2018

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