Market in Chachapoyas

Colorful and joyful

Come and visit the local market !

The local covered market, situated at only one block from the Plaza de Armas in Chachapoyas, is taking place every day of the week. The farmers from the surrounding areas, but also many private people come to sell their fruits and vegetables. But you’ll also find all kind of plastic containers, pans and pots – anything you can imagine. That nobody will say that you can’t find anything here in at the market in Chachapoyas !

On the fruit side

You will find the fruits in the middle of the ground floor on the market. You will have a tremendous choice of fruits such as mangoes, papayas, maracujas, granadillas, or some brownish ananas that we don’t find on our markets and whose skin give a delicious juice, and many other exotic fruits. On nearly every booth you can buy fresh cheese.

Fruits on the farmers market, Chachapoyas   Fresh cheese on the farmers market Chachapoyas

Also on the ground floor you have Mister Milk ! Between 8 and 11 am (don’t be late, otherwise he won’t have any milk left), you can hear him already from the other side of the market “Leche”. You buy it by the liter, he will put it in a plastic bag and at home you boil it before keeping it in the refrigerator. This is real milk, rich and creamy with a thick skin on top. Yummy.

On the market you can also find chocolate, even chocolate beans from which you can make delicious hot chocolates or desserts such as Melting Chocolate Cake, a Chocolate Flan, a Chocolate Mousse…

Chocolat on the market Chachapoyas.    Melting chocolate cake Phima Chachapoyas    Chocolat Tart Phima Chachapoyas

On the vegetable side

It is not in Northern Peru that you won’t have enough choice in choosing your vegetables ! On the first floor of the market in Chachapoyas, you’ll find anything you need. Apart from the classique green salad, tomatoes, carottes or cabbage, you have an enormous variety of potatoes ! In Peru exist more than 1 000 different kinds of potatoes and they all have a different name. You also find many different kinds of beans (red, black, white, beige or spotted), lentils, corn and many other vegetables that we don’t know in our countries…

Chachapoyas farmers market Amazonas   Farmers Market Chachapoyas

Meat and Sausages

If you walk through the “Meat and Sausages” part of the market, you will have all the meat on the different stalls that are not refrigerated : beef, porc, chicken, duck… In another part, you will see the Men cutting up the big pieces of the meat and then deliver the smaller pieces to the Ladies that will sell them in their booth.

Meat at the farmers market Chachapoyas, Northern Peru     Chachapoyas farmers market chicken


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