Only 20 km from Tarapoto

Capital of Folklore

Lamas is well known for its three levels : on the first level, at the foot of the hill, live the Quechua Lamistas indigenous, on the second level is the village and on the third level is the Castle. 

Plaza de Armas in Lamas Northern Peru

Where can you find the village of Lamas ?

It is about 35 minutes by car from Tarapoto and is the ideal location for a daily excursion. You might even feel much better in Lamas than in Tarapoto, as Tarapoto is a big town, noisey, disorganised and very hot. Lamas is at about 800 m altitude, the temperature is nice and you have a great view of the surroundings.

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What to do in Lamas ?

Fundo Ecoperlacha Cacao

About 5 minutes before you arrive in Lamas, you will see on your right hand side the Fundo Ecoperlacha Cacao,  3 km outside the village. Here the people produce one of the finest cacao of Peru on a property of 1.5 ha, but also oranges and lemons of an exceptional quality. You can reserve your tour and learn everything about the chocolate production – and for sure, you taste as well !

Museum Chanka y la diversidad Lamista

In the city center of Lamas you have the Museum Chanka. The museum is really nice, bright and with an excellent welcome. A very interesting part of the Museum is the sectoin Myths and Legends that is put into colors with paintings from local artists. Open every day from 9 am to 7 pm.

Castle of Lamas

Surprising medieval style castle, built by an Italian and exposing many paintings from local artists. Today the castle is an attraction by itself !

Warmi Wasi Association

On the lower part of the village, by following the signs to the indigenous community, you will find the association Warmi Wasi in their wodden cabans with the thatched roof. They will show you all the crafts of their community : jewelry, weaving, pottery. It is absolutely worth a visit.


The village of Waqui keeps the craftman tradition of the Quechua Lamista in San Martin alive

Musee à Lamas, Voyage au Nord du Pérou    Lamas, Nord du Pérou

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