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You want to travel to Northern Peru ?

Tell us what you are looking for, what you would like to discover in this amazing country. We will organise the itinerary that corresponds exactly to your needs and wishes. As we are specialising in the Northern regions of Peru, we will be your privileged partner to organise your trip there.

Archaeology, nature, hiking, experiences and encounters – everything is possible ! We know all our partners personnally. Hotels, homestays, drivers and guides, we work with them already for several years.

Contact Phima Voyages - votre voyage au nord du Pérou

Phima Voyages – your partner in Northern Peru !

There are many travel itineraries possible – from the jungel to the coast or the other way round, passing through Cajamarca and the region of Amazonas, or just one of them. With a private driver and guide – or maybe you prefer public transportation and a private guide only for important sites ? Luxury accommodation or homestay ?

You want to spend some time with Peruvians ? Choose some activities that will give you a better insight into the culture and traditions in the different regions, this might be a cooking class, a chocolat tasting or a wood-sculpture workshop.

We await your contact !

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