Conservation Areas of Tingana and Santa Elena

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Trip to San Martin, Northern Peru

There are several ecotourism conservation areas in the province of Moyobamba, Alto Mayo in the San Martin Region. Here we talk about the nature reserves of Tingana and Santa Elena.

Depending on your time constraints, you can either choose to make a 2-hour tour from Santa Elena, or a full-day tour at Tingana. The conservation area of Santa Elena is only about 20 minutes by car from Rioja. From here you can embark directly on your canoe tour.

To reach Tingana, you take a different route. To reach the conservation area, you will have to get up early, as the car will await you at 5.30 am at the Plaza de Armas in Moyobamba. You  then will drive for about 45 minutes to the embarkation point at the rio Mayo. From there you have another 45 minutes by speed boat before arriving around 7 am at the nature reserve, situated at the rio Avisado.

Sun rising in Tingana, Northern Peru   Boat ride Tingana Northern Peru

More details about the conservation area of Tingana

Tingana is in the middle of a pristine forest, a nature reserve situated in the Community conservation area of Moyobamba. It is within a wetland of the region and has a huge variety of flora and fauna. Seven local families  are working together in order to preserve the environment, clean the river. They also work as guides, offer food and lodging to people that would like to make a full-day tour and stay overnight in this special environment.

Once you arrive in the nature reserve of Tingana, you will only come around by canoe. The guides will familiarize you with the flora (orchids, bromelids, farns, but also the famous “Tree that walks”). They know exactly where you have the opportunity to see monkeys (freiles or machin negro) or coatis. But what characterizes Tingana best is harmony with nature. It is a unique experience for your stay in San Martin and in Northern Peru. You definitely should not miss it !!

  Tingana Conservation Area San Martina

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