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Voyage en Amérique Latine

Travel to Latin America with Phima Voyages

You have decided to visit Latin America. Beautiful, mystical countries with millennial traditions and cultures very different from ours are waiting for you. One of the many advantages of traveling with a local agency is that you always have a privileged interlocutor to talk with you in your own language!

Your journey to Latin America will be long, and you need to be reassured about the course of your trip and if there is somebody in charge in your travel country (who will react if there is concern?). This is exactly our role!

Together with our various local partners, we have already made your reservations for hotels, guides and drivers or group excursions. You can always reach our local manager, if you have a question or an uncertainty.

But in fact, aside from this technical aspect, we want to add another value to your journey – that of exchange and discovery.

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Your benefits

  • Meet “real” Latin Americans
  • Unique experiences that will leave fond memories after your trip
  • A better understanding of the precolombian civilizations, their cultures and still existing traditions
  • A direct insight into the daily life of our local partners
  • A warm welcome through our  team on the spot
  • Personalised and personal advice in English before, during and after your trip
  • A smooth organisation and follow-up on your requests


Benefits for the locals

  • Meeting foreigners is very important for the local village inhabitants. These exchanges allow them to show their traditions and customs. But they also allow local people to learn another lifestyle at the same time.
  • Equitable rural tourism helps the development in the rural parts of Latin America. Indeed, more tourist arrivals have the gouvernment make new roads (what they wouldn’t do without them) and enables the locals ti improve their housing. It also drives changes in many issues, such as waste management and the conservation of archaeological sites.
  • During your tour with Phima Voyages, when you stay overnight in a village or visit an important archaeological site, you always support financially a network of small business owners : restaurants, farmers, craftmen, guides, horse rental…


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