Our selection of articles on responsible tourism

Our selection of articles on responsible tourism

Responsible tourism and sustainable travel are subjects that are more and more present. We participate in different international travel fairs and love to see how the idea of responsible tourism grows – slowly, but steadily.

It is great to know that we are not alone, but there is an entire community out there of people that only wait to be involved in this sustainable development.

If you also want to get more information, but don’t really know how to –  we will share our selection of articles on responsible tourism on a monthly base with you.


Extract 1 = What Is Sustainable Travel: A Primer

Green Matters comes up with its definition of Sustainable Travel – we agree. The way we try to approach rural tourism is exactly in this slow travel way, staying in a local homestay, get to know the people you share your time with. What do you think ?

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Extract 2 = How Tourism can rapidly eliminate single use plastics – Earth Day inspiration from around the world

“For a somewhat obsessive follower of tourism industry news like me, the spike in press releases that mark the annual Earth Day celebrations provide a quick reference point to the industry’s mindset. This year the theme of Earth Day – which took place last Sunday on April 22 – was ‘End Plastic Pollution’. To mark the event, the Earth Day Network announced the launch of a global campaign toward the ultimate goal of replacing fossil fuel based plastics with nonpolluting materials.”

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Extract 3 = Sustainable Travel: It’s Not Just About the Environment

“Travel is the first or second source of export earnings in 20 of the 48 least developed countries, according to the W.T.O., yet a 2013 report from the organization noted that just $5 of every $100 spent in a developing country stayed in that destination.”

That’s just unbelievably low !! However like stated in the article, it is extremely important to measure the impact we make as travel agencies. (We are currently working on it !)

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Extract 4 = The World’s Wilderness: Going, Going and Soon Gone?

“We are running out of wilderness,” James Watson, director of the science and research initiative at the Wildlife Conservation Society, told fellow scientists last summer at the International Congress for Conservation Biology in Cartagena, Colombia. Watson, an associate professor fellow in the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of Queensland, Australia, pointed to a 2016 study in which he and colleagues described “catastrophic declines” worldwide in the extent of terrestrial areas that remain mostly free of human disturbance and retain their ecological and biological integrity.

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Extract 5 = Reusable bags and no elephants: travel the world without trashing it

“Yet hunting down ethical travel choices can be frustrating. The internet is often a muddy territory of green-washing designed to capitalise on ecotourism’s growing popularity. There are ways to travel more sustainably though, so here are some tips to consider before taking off.”

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Extract 6 = The growth paradox: can tourism ever be sustainable?

“Tourism creates jobs – lots of them. In fact, one person in every 10 is employed in tourism-related jobs. When it is well managed, tourism provides an incredible economic boost to host communities. For these reasons, almost every country in the world wishes to expand its tourism sector and increase the number of tourism arrivals.”

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