Travel Story #1: 3 weeks in Peru

Travel Story #1 : Arrival in Lima Some tips before going to Peru Before leaving your home country, the most important part is the preparation of your suitcase. In fact, it is difficult to know what to take, when you know that you will experience different environments (forest, desert, mountain, city) and climates (from Lima to Chachapoyas,

Inauguration of the cable car of Kuelap, Northern Peru

Inauguration of the cable car Kuelap, Northern Peru We waited, and they did it ! The cable car Kuelap finally works. It was inaugurated on March 2 by the President of the Republic of Peru. Today, I made a very long article. But it is the topic of the moment in Peru and even more in

La Casona de Leymebamba – Charming hotel in Northern Peru

Welcome to the Hotel La Casona de Leymebamba The House of Mr. Julio and his family La Casona de Leymebamba is located as its name suggests in Leymebamba, at the bottom of the Uctubamba Valley, in the Amazonas region in Northern Peru. In fact, Leymebamba is the last village before starting the spectacular uphill road to Celendin

How to prepare at home a chicken in chili sauce Peruvian

El Ají de gallina or in English chicken in chili sauce is one of the emblematic dishes of Peruvian cuisine. Peru is a gastronomic destination known all over the world. By the end of 2016, the country again and for the fifth consecutive year was voted the best food destination of the WTA, World Travel

Museum Tumbas Reales

The Museum Tumbas Reales , also known as the “Museo del Señor Sipan”, was opened in 2002. It is located in Lambayeque, 15 minutes from the center of Chiclayo in the Lambayeque region on the north coast of Peru. There, in the middle of a rather insignifcant urban area is a red pyramid with a truncated