Awanacancha Association, Sacred Valley

Road between Cusco and Pisac, Sacred Valley We continue our series of articles on Cusco and the Sacred Valley during our recent visit to southern Peru. I remind you that the distances are enormous in Peru- by bus from Chachapoyas in Northern Peru to Cusco. Today the passage between Cusco and Pisac, which really is

The essentials of Trujillo

Trujillo, the capital of the La Libertad region, is located on the Northern coast of Peru. It is the 3rd largest metropolis in Peru after Lima and Arequipa. The city is often described as “Egypt of South America”. It was the headquarter of the Moche, Sicán and Chimú kingdoms. These are very sophisticated pre-Columbian and

Why travel?

Why do we travel ? That’s a good question !! But first – Let’s try to define “What is travel ?” To know why we travel, you have to define what is “travel”, because I insist on the fact that traveling is not being on vacation. The blog section of Phima Voyages is a mine of

Huaylla Belen

Beautiful snake river Northern Peru

Huaylla Belen is located in the province of Luya, 2 hours 45 minutes by private car from Chachapoyas in the Amazonas region. The road is quite good and if you go with a four-wheel drive car, there are no worries at all. We leave early on this Wednesday, at 6.30 am with our American friend Kerry. Kerry

I have tested for you: a culinary tour in Lima

I have tested for you: a culinary tour in Lima, Peru Today, the most natural thing to do in Lima, is a culinary tour. Why ? Well, you’ll find out here… The blog section of Phima Voyages is a mine of information on places to visit in Northern Peru. Do not miss the publication of